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PicoScope USB CM3 3-Channel Current Data Logger

The PicoLog CM3 is a three-channel data logger that uses industry-standard current clamps.  Simply connect to your PC via USB or Ethernet, run the supplied software and you can monitor and log current for a wide range of applications.
The Pico Technology CM3 Current Data Logger offers industry-leading performance and is an inexpensive answer to your current measuring needs.

  • 3 channel current data logger
  • Suitable for single or three–phase alternating currents
  • Low conversion time
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • No power supply required
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • Run multiple units on a single PC

    High Resolution and Accuracy

    The 24–bit resolution of your PicoLog CM3 ensures that you can detect the smallest changes in current, while with accuracy within ±1% you know that can rely on your measurements.

    Take measurements at the speed you want

    With a conversion time of just 720 ms per channel your PicoLog CM3 is capable of logging fast changes in current, but we know that in order to identify problems you may also need to monitor currents over long periods, so with a PicoLog CM3 you can take measurements at a speed to suit your application — whether that’s every few seconds, minutes, hours or even every few days.

    Monitor currents from your desktop to the other side of the world

    With both USB and Ethernet interfaces your PicoLog CM3 can be used in a variety of situations. If you need a portable instrument that can be used at various locations and is fast to set up and use, simply connect your laptop to the PicoLog CM3 by USB. Need to monitor a situation over a period of hours or days, or from a remote location? Plug your PicoLog CM3 into a spare port on your network and then access it remotely either from your LAN or over the internet — thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology you don’t even need a separate power supply.

    Software that does what you need it to

    Your PicoLog CM3 Current Data Logger is supplied with PicoLog data logging software. With PicoLog you can collect up to one million measurements, analyse them and then display the results in spreadsheet and graphical formats. You can view the data both in real–time as you are collecting the measurements, or you can save the data and view it later. You can also set alarms to warn you if the current goes above or below a set value.

    A software development kit (SDK) is also supplied. The SDK contains a range of software drivers and example code that you can use to write your own software or to use your PicoLog CM3 with third–party software such as LabVIEW.

    Both PicoLog and the SDK are provided free of charge and updates can be downloaded for free.

    Create your own data acquisition system

    With a PicoLog CM3 you can measure three separate currents. If that’s not enough, using PicoLog software you can add a further 19 PicoLog CM3s to your PC — enabling you to simultaneously measure up to 60 currents. Alternatively, you can mix–and–match Pico data loggers to create your own custom data acquisition system.

    With three channels, high accuracy and low noise, a PicoLog CM3 Current Data Logger is ideal for recording data from both single–phase and three–phase AC supplies. While its compact size, together with having both USB and Ethernet interfaces, gives you a versatile instrument that you can take with you or leave on–site for remote monitoring.

    Whether you need to monitor three–phase motors and generators, measure the current consumption of systems or simply monitor the current consumed around the home or office, a PicoLog CM3 Current Data Logger is the only current data logger you need.

    USB CM3 Accessories

    200 AMP Current Clamp
    (Sold Seperatley)

    Save money by purchasing the CM3 with 3 x 200 Amp Current Clamps

    PicoLog Software

    Some of the features of PicoLog are listed here. To see for yourself just how good it is,

    • Collect up to 1 million samples.
    • Easy and intuitive to use.
    • Free upgrades and technical support.
    • Supports 32– and 64–bit editions of  Windows XP         (SP2 and above), Vista and Windows 7.
    • International language versions.
    • Easy to set up and use with online help.
    • Real–time data collection, analysis and display.
    • Programmable alarm limits can be set for                        each channel.
    • Data can be exported to spreadsheets and                       databases.
    • Save multiple setups for different tests and                      experiments.
    • Can be used with desktop or laptop PCs.
    • Supports multiple loggers on the same PC.
    • Uses your PC monitor to give large colour display,         ideal for education and training.
    • Waveforms can be saved, printed, faxed or                      emailed from your PC.

    64–bit support is only available for USB products.

    Multiple views

    PicoLog displays data in a number of views, which can be activated as and when required. These views can be activated both during and after data collection.

    Recorder View

    Enables you to start/stop recording and specify recording files. It shows the current readings and alarm conditions for each channel. All settings such as scaling, channels and sampling are controlled from the recorder view.

    XY graph view

    Displays one parameter against another. Useful for plotting voltage against current, for example.

    Spreadsheet View

    Displays text data in a format that can be easily ‘copied and pasted’ into other applications. Data can also be saved to disk in standard ASCII text format.

    Graph View

    Graphs can be displayed both during and after data collection. Each channel can be displayed in its own graph or multiple channels can be displayed in the same graph. Axes can be set up manually, automatically or in chart recorder mode. Multipliers allow you to magnify areas of interest. Graphs can be ‘copied’ into the clipboard and then ‘pasted’ into reports.

    Notes View

    Notes view allows you to attach notes to data.

    Player View

    Displays previously recorded data. It enables you to scroll quickly through stored files to compare results on successive runs. The player can be used to examine old data whilst new data is still being recorded.

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    Pico Technology USB CM3 Current Data Logger Specification

    For the Full Technical Specification of this Product, you can click on the following link to be taken to the Pico Technology Website (Opens in a New Window)

     Pico Technology CM3 Technical Specifications

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