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PicoScope USB 4224 IEPE 2-Channel Oscilloscope


The Picoscope 4224 offers both a high resolution (12 bits) and a high DC accuracy (1%) making it an excellent choice for noise, vibration, precision electronics and mechanical analysis.

The IEPE interface allows for the direct connection and powering of industry standard accelerometers and microphones

The Pico Technology 4224 IEPE Scope offers industry-leading performance and is an inexpensive answer to your needs.

  • Up to 80 MS/s real-time sample rate
  • Up to 20 MHz bandwidth
  • 32 M sample buffer memory
  • 2 channels
  • Free software updates
  • 5 year warranty
  • Serial decoding and mask testing as standard
  • USB connected and powered
  • Windows, Mac and Linux software

    High Resolution and Accuracy

    The 2-channel PicoScope 4224 is a high-resolution oscilloscope that is suitable for general, scientific and field-service use. With 12-bit resolution (adjustable up to 16 bits in enhanced resolution mode) and 1% accuracy they also make an excellent choice for noise, vibration and mechanical analysis.

    Now you can measure everything
    from small signals to large voltages

    The PicoScope 4000 Series IEPE scope has an input range of ±50 mV to ±20V so you can measure small signals from sensors as well as higher voltages from power supply circuits and motor drives (using an attenuator).

    The convenience and speed you need

    Your PicoScope 4000 Series scope is powered from the USB 2.0 interface, so there’s no need for you to carry an external power supply or batteries with you. The USB port also delivers high-speed data to your PC to give you a responsive, high-resolution display. With 80 MS/s real-time sampling, the 4000 Series are one of the fastest USB-powered 12-bit scopes available.

    Deep memory without compromising performance

    Thanks to the advanced 32 megasample buffer which is ‘always on’, there is never a compromise between buffer size and performance. The PicoScope 4000 Series always maximises both the buffer size and display update rate at the same time. Now you can easily capture every detail of every waveform without compromising the performance of your scope.

    An IEPE oscilloscope that you can afford

    Normally if you want to use sensors you either need to buy an expensive oscilloscope with an IEPE interface, or an equally expensive add-on module. Not anymore.  As it features an integrated IEPE interface making it compatible with industry-standard IEPE accelerometers and microphones.

    Your powerful high-resolution oscilloscope

    With both 2 channels, 20 MHz analogue bandwidth, 80 MS/s real-time sampling, 12-16 bits resolution, 1% accuracy and a wide input range, a PicoScope 4000 Series USB scope is the powerful high-resolution oscilloscope that will fulfill your needs.

    USB 4224 Accessories

    PicoScope 6 Software

    Some of the features of PicoScope 6 are listed here. To see for yourself just how good it is,

  • 10,000 waveform buffer
  • Advanced triggering
  • Advanced zoom controls
  • Auto–arrange axes
  • Auto setup
  • Automated measurements
  • –line file conversions
  • Continuous streaming mode
  • Custom probes
  • Digital persistence mode
  • Easy data export
  • Free updates
  • Linear interpolation
  • Low–pass filtering
  • Mask limit testing
  • Math functions
  • Rapid trigger mode
  • Reference waveforms
  • Resolution enhancement
  • Serial decoding
  • Sin(x)/x interpolation
  • Spectrum analyzer mode
  • XY oscilloscope mode

  • Free updates

    You can’t usually upgrade traditional test equipment. If the device is upgradable it will often need a time-consuming and expensive trip back to the manufacturer. PicoScope software is regularly updated with feature extensions and improvements. These can be downloaded for free from our website and ensure that your oscilloscope will always have the latest features and enhancements. What other test equipment gets more powerful with age?

    Easy to use

    PicoScope 6 is powerful yet easy to operate. You benefit from the power of
    the PC, and the familiar Windows
    interface and controls, making the software easy to use. It has tooltips and help pages to explain all the features.

    Unrivalled Performance

    PicoScope uses the latest Windows technologies to give you the performance you need. Fast capture rates make it easier for you to see fast-moving signals, while fast data processing ensures your
    PC is able to process even the most complex of waveforms.

    More Features

    Start PicoScope, click Auto setup and your PC is transformed into a powerful oscilloscope with the timebase and triggering already set up. 

    Click Persistence mode and you can emulate the phosphor display of a conventional analog scope – useful for displaying complex analog signals and spotting glitches. Click Spectrum mode and your PC becomes an spectrum analyzer. And there’s more…

    Using the automated measurements feature in PicoScope you can automatically measure everything from peak-to-peak voltage, to rise time and signal-to-noise ratio – turning your PicoScope 4000 Series into a multimeter.

    “But my multimeter can measure resistance!” So can your PicoScope! Measure the voltage using one channel of your scope, the current using another channel then use the built-in math functions to automatically display the resistance.

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    Pico Technology USB 4224 IEPE Scope Specification

    For the Full Technical Specification of this Product, you can click on the following link to be taken to the Pico Technology Website (Opens in a New Window)

     Pico Technology 4224 IEPE Technical Specifications

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