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LMH Engineering Services are UK Stockists and Distributors of the following products to the Automotive Trade.


PicoScope Automotive Diagnostic Products

Pico Technology Test & Measurement Products



Kalimex Automotive Service Products

JLM Automotive Service Products


Lee is a former Pico Technology Automotive Technical Specialist, so he can use his expertise and knowledge to offer you an enhanced level of service. 

  • Distributor of Pico Technology Automotive Diagnostic Equipment.
  • Distributor of Pico Technology Test & Measurement Equipment.
  • Distributor of Lipowsky CAN and LIN Test and Development Tools.
  • Distributor and Stockist of JLM LPG & Automotive Products.
  • Distributor and Stockist of Kalimex Products.
  • PicoScope Training



LMH Engineering Services are also the ONLY UK PicoScope Distributor who can offer the 'World Famous Autonerdz' with the purchase of a qualifying custom Kit.

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PicoScope Training

Are you looking for your Technicians to get the most out of your investment. LMH Engineering Services Ltd offers training for the 'World Famous' PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscope. 

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